Reduce grading times by 74% and increase feedback given by 7.2x

Our platform learns how you give feedback so you never have to grade the same answer twice.

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Feedback on the entire assignment

Unlike other systems, our approach gives feedback to the entire students response to a question, working included.

Analytics on the approach taken

We summarise the approaches students took, highlighting common mistakes, to help teachers update their courses quickly.

Reduced grading workload

Never repeating the same feedback reduces the grading workload by over 50%. Over time this saving increases.

Complete consistency

Updating feedback in one place changes it for all relevant responses.

Collaborating With

Why 6 Bit?

At 6 Bit we have a vision of people and technology working together to shape the future of global education. We believe in using the experience and insight of our teachers and directing that to where it is most useful with technology.

We have developed a feedback platform that learns. As you grade and give feedback through our platform, it learns so that you never have to give feedback on the same approach again.

The Work Flow


Write Questions

Ask anything you want to your students! No programming required.


Answer Questions

Students have multiple ways to submit an answer. Take a picture, scan, or type work. No more dealing with stacks of paper!


Give Feedback

As you grade our system automatically applies feedback to multiple responses at the same time.


Receive Feedback

Students get high quality human feedback, a graphical breakdown of their grades, and a summary of the detailed feedback.


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