About Us

Meet Our Team

Frustrated at how education is currently conducted, seven theoretical physics educators came together to change the way it's done.

Manjinder Kainth

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve been intricately involved in teaching for many years. I have over 6 years of private tutoring experience, most recently worked on designing and delivering crash courses for a high school. I am combining this with over 7 years of programming experience, to design the perfect learning environment.

Robert Stanyon

Chief Technical Officer

I’m a PhD researcher in EdTech, with the subject of my research being the method diversity of student responses. I have been the lead developer for critical add-ons used by a leading EdTech product world wide.

George Bartlett


I have been a question author supporting core teaching for 5 years, and have created and graded hundreds of questions. I’m someone who is invested in teaching, question designing, and programming.

Austin Tomlinson


I have had a passion for teaching for as long as I can remember. After finishing my PhD, where I won a PGTA scholarship to recognise excellent teaching quality at the university, I went on to complete a PGDipEd. I am a qualified teacher. With over 8 years experience in software development and high performance computing, I have a balance of teaching and software development experience.

Jon Watkins

Sales Consultant

I’m an EdTech development manager. As a result I have contacts in hundreds of higher education institutions, focusing on providing support. I know the intricacies of their needs pertaining to EdTech. With a strong background in web development and scientific programming I’m ready to change the world of education.

Rich Mason

Machine Learning Consultant

I’m an EdTech developer creating learning material for universities around the world. With a PhD in theoretical physics, I bring a pure mathematical approach to traditionally numerically heavy areas where possible. I have industrial experience with machine learning, having developed algorithms for dozens of applications. I can’t wait to bring the power of machine learning to education.

Nicola Wilkin

Education Consultant

I’m the Director of Education, College of Engineering & Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham. As a result, I have responsibility for the assessment requirements of 5,000 students. I’ve been recognised for teaching innovation. With hundreds of contacts in higher education institutions across the world, I know the change 6 Bit will bring to education.